Supply Chain & Logistics

Our supply chain & logistics practice executes solutions within warehouses and logistics that improve network design and foundational activities including processes, metrics, staffing, layout, and technology. We understand the criticality of the supply chain to enterprise performance, and our team has deep expertise in optimizing components and end-to-end performance.

Network Optimization

  • Supply Chain Design
  • 3PL Selection & Stand-Up
  • New DC Site Design
  • Site Consolidation
  • Network Study

Freight & Logistics

  • Logistics Optimization
  • Freight Cost Reduction
  • Freight Sourcing Strategies

Warehouse Optimization

  • Inventory Optimization
  • Receiving, Put Away, Loading Process Optimization
  • Warehouse and DC Transformation
  • Warehouse Safety
  • WMS Selection and Optimization

Interim Leadership

  • Chief Supply Chain Officer
  • Head of Logistics
  • Warehouse Manager

Key Contacts

Aman Sapra

Aman Sapra

Practice Lead



Logistics Assessment

Logistics assessment for a $460M manufacturing distributor – Developed a model to simplify multi-year 3PL contracting costs and negotiating levers; recommended a solution that identified $2M of EBITDA and $1.5M of working capital savings.

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Warehouse Operational Improvements

Warehouse operational improvements at a $500M consumer goods manufacturer – Resulted in an annual cost savings of over $30K and an expansion of warehouse capacity by 3,532 slots.

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Warehouse Optimization and Logistics

Warehouse optimization and logistics for a $517M paper manufacturer – Improved on-time shipping from <90% to 99% and improved operational inventory accuracy from 63% to 93%.

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