VectorMarks® is our proprietary cloud-based system that empowers Beckway to significantly increase and accelerate bottom-line results.

With VectorMarks®, Beckway is able to monitor results at the program, initiative and milestone levels, which means we can accelerate one product enhancement rollout by just one week, or assess the annual benefits of one project by just 1% more. These are real results that can make a tremendous impact on a company-wide agenda.

  • Target – Milestones. Responsibilities. Numbers.
    Secure commitments for strategic initiatives using a consistent company-wide planning approach.
  • Track – Status, Forecasts. Remediation.
    Update and report initiative progress directly in the cloud for full visibility.
  • Triage – Remotely. Real-time. Anytime.
    Improve and accelerate expected outcomes of all initiatives across the entire improvement program.

Freedom Platform

Freedom Platform is a low cost, rapidly-deployed, non-invasive instrumentation solution that can be configured to capture, analyze, and monitor virtually any kind of operational data in any environment.

Freedom Elements
Purpose-built, zero-configuration data collection hardware and infrastructure that deploys quickly and adapts to most any use case, environment, or operational scale.

Freedom Cloud
Global-scale, high-performance communication, integration, analytics, and fleet management platform.

Freedom Marketplace
Diverse collection of enhancements, integrations, and application-specific extensions built on top of Freedom Platform, available at the click of a button.

Learn how to take your business to new levels of performance and efficiency with Freedom Platform by contacting