Integrated Business Planning

Our Integrated Business Planning (IBP) team brings together demand and supply chain insights to help optimize enterprise performance. IBP is a complex solution to execute, requiring strong top-down sponsorship, robust processes and governance, and data driven insights (often referred to as SIOP and S&OP). Through successful IBP delivery, our experts have improved customer satisfaction, optimized inventory, and increased EBITDA.

Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SIOP)

  • SIOP Assessment
  • SIOP Implementation
  • Forecasting /Demand Planning Optimization
  • Supply Planning
  • KPIs and Dashboard

Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE)

  • S&OE Assessment
  • Detailed Capacity Models
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Safety Stock Analysis
  • Economic Order Quantities

Interim Leadership

  • SIOP Leader
  • SIOP Analyst

Key Contacts

Dale Gulick

Dale Gulick

Partner, Practice Lead


Josh Liebman

Josh Liebman




Capacity Optimization

Capacity optimization for a $2B polymer processing systems manufacturer – Created a dynamic capacity modeling tool that improved capacity and line leveling across the organization.

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Interim S&OP Lead & PMO

Interim S&OP lead and PMO for a $750M industrial goods manufacturer – Developed and handed off a training playbook with details of changes accomplished and key elements for the ongoing sustainment of these new processes and tools.

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SIOP Process Implementation

SIOP process implementation for a $240M chemical manufacturer – Established a SIOP process incorporating cross-functional disciplines as well as a KPI dashboard to monitor key SIOP and business fundamentals.

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