Operational Due Diligence

$50M Medical Transportation Provider


  • The companies are Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers that collectively service Allentown, PA to the Hudson River, and down through Atlantic City
  • The targets specifically provide curb-to-curb and door-through-door Basic Life Support (BLS), stretcher, and wheelchair transportation to patients requiring transport to a variety of medical care sources (care visits, dialysis appointments, facility transfers, pharmacy visits, lab testing, family visits, K-12 schooling, etc.)


  • Provided a comprehensive due diligence report to the sponsor with tangible integration opportunities to assist with investment decisions and underwriting
  • Supported investor needs with extensive market segment and landscape analysis, target’s market position, operational, licensing, and regulatory maturity, and leadership review and opinion
  • Reviewed current spend and evaluated future expense estimates and EBITDA impacts
  • Developed preliminary 100-day plan to detail the execution strategy behind operational initiatives during the first year of new ownership


  • Provided the target with the findings below to help support their investment decision and buying process:
    • Identified immediate need for HIPAA Compliance Program & Cyber Security implementation to manage risk around patient record keeping and data and handling
    • Significant EBITDA enhancement potential through operational efficiencies including consolidation and automation of existing tech stack, establishment of shared services to be leveraged across both companies
    • Reduction in fuel, supplies, and maintenance costs by in-sourcing fleet management and maintenance and transitioning all fuel spend to Wex fuel program
    • Increased asset utilization potential by institutionalizing the hiring & retention policies and procedures across the platform