Case Study Preview: Interim VP of Operations

One of our exceptional team members recently stepped into the role of interim VP of Operations at a $200M industrial services company. Here’s a snapshot of their incredible accomplishments:

✅ Optimized production processes
✅ Streamlined inventory management
✅ Implemented data analytics for informed decision-making
✅ Enhanced data integrity and provided comprehensive training
✅ Initiated SIOP (Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning) and quality management initiatives
✅ Implemented shop floor and safety improvements

The impact of these efforts speak volumes:

🔹 Reduced stockouts not on order by a staggering 56%
🔹 Slashed excess stock inventory by an impressive $1.3M
🔹 Trimmed excess inventory on order by $1.5M
🔹 Cut weekly purchases by location by an impressive 42%
🔹 Improved overall % stocked by location by 2.6 percentage points
🔹 Decreased variances by an impressive 2.6 percentage points

These remarkable achievements underscore our commitment to driving tangible results and optimizing operational efficiency. To learn more about Beckway’s Operations practice, contact practice lead, Toby Drummond, at