Buy Side Due Diligence

$489M Magnetic Materials Manufacturer


  • The company manufactures rare earth permanent magnets for motors, generators, and sensor systems
  • Manufactures crystalline based metal sheeting for use in stator laminations, sensor laminations, and power transformers
  • Manufactures amorphous materials for specialty current sensors required for the electrification of various devices like automobiles, helping to make battery charging safer


  • Detailed capacity analysis including against growth rates for the next 5 years, including an assessment of impacts Capex plans would have on that capacity
  • Organizational chart assessment with review of full spans of R&D and contributions their new product development has provided in past and in process
  • Review of maintenance Capex and appropriateness for the size of the business and age of the equipment
  • Potential efficiency gains by consolidating intelligently and re-organizing some manufacturing


  • Identified $16 Million in annual savings by footprint optimization
  • Identified $4 Million in annual savings by partial reduction in scrap / rejects created
  • Identified $3 Million in org chart restructuring savings
  • Identified $2 Million in operational savings through lean principles and minimal automation