Beckway Insights: Generative AI

The use of Generative AI tools has prompted the investigation into their impact on job quality and outcomes across various fields, including customer service, software development, law, and more. Among these studies, some key findings suggest that deploying these tools from the grassroots level yields the best results. Allowing individuals to implement them in their own way fosters dynamic approaches that prove most effective. Resisting rigid, predefined methods of task execution tends to lead to higher success rates.

Moreover, leveraging Generative AI can help bridge skill and experience gaps, enhancing the performance of knowledge workers. Introducing these tools to new employees could alleviate the burden on seasoned staff who often provide guidance and support to newcomers.

By carefully planning, embracing innovation, and embracing change, we can successfully navigate these challenges and position ourselves strongly for the future. To learn more about AI and the many ways it can simplify work processes, contact Beckway’s Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence practice lead, Forrest Howard.