The Beckway Legacy

We gave careful consideration to the name of our company. It needed to represent who we are, what we stand for and what we offer. That’s a lot of work for a few letters. We settled on blending the names of two of the most celebrated authors of the past century – John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemingway.

  • Steinbeck explored the struggles of the working class, celebrating humankind’s enduring capacity for greatness in heart and spirit. His characters exemplified courage and compassion even in the most troubling of circumstances. They were heroes without ego, and often unsung.
  • Hemingway’s protagonists were strong, stoic individuals. Men and women of few words, but many achievements. Purposeful and practical. They lived courageously by their own codes of authenticity, exemplifying confidence and grace under pressure.

Better Paths

We seek to emulate the best of these traits – to be the understated heroic achiever for select private equity firms and their portfolio companies, while serving with compassion for the good of many. And as “Way” implies, we strive to blaze better paths for our clients – paths marked by clarity of purpose, by practical solutions for complex issues and by the principles of authenticity, integrity and compassion in all our dealings.

Purposeful. Practical. Principled.